Calls Related To COVID-19 Up 25% For Ogden Paramedics

Aug 31, 2021

First responders and paramedics are feeling the strain of the delta COVID-19 variant. In Ogden, the number of COVID-19 related calls is up substantially, and medical professionals are feeling burnt out.

The Ogden Fire Department has treated 25% more coronavirus patients from January of 2021 to now versus the same time period last year.


Ogden Fire Department firefighter paramedic Dustin Mayhew says they see several COVID patients per day. He says they need to wear protective gear and clean their equipment and ambulance a lot more thoroughly than normal. 


Deputy fire chief Mike Slater says firefighters are tired and overwhelmed, similar to how hospital workers are feeling. 


According to the Utah Hospital Association, 90% of all staffed beds at Utah’s 16 referral hospitals are full. Intermountain is at 91% capacity, Mountain Star is at 120% capacity, Steward Health at 70% and the University of Utah is at 84% capacity.