Climate Science And Activism On Tuesday's Access Utah

Dec 11, 2018

Double O Arch at Arches National Park.
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At a recent Climate Change Town Hall in Logan, USU physicist and climate researcher Dr. Rob Davies invited audience members to share their stories of environmental change and activism. He encouraged brainstorming possible solutions to climate change and acknowledged the power of an individual to effect change in the world, even though “often we’re paralyzed, we’re passive because we don’t see the whole path to the finish line.”

Ahead of an event in Logan on Tuesday called A Climate Change Solution Worth Dancing About (sponsored by Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Cache Valley Chapter), we’ll talk about climate change science and activism and ask you what you think and what you’re doing to try to effect change.



Our guests will include Dr. Rob Davies, Associate Professor of Professional Practice in the USU Physics Department; writer and photographer Stephen Trimble, and climate activist and U of U graduate student Brooke Larsen.

A Climate Change Solution Worth Dancing About is Tuesday 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Whittier Community Center, 290 North 400 East, Logan.