Connecting Local Food With Underserved Populations On Thursday's Access Utah

Jul 18, 2019

Utah State University was awarded a $500,000 three-year Farmers Market Promotion Program grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The grant will fund a variety of capacity-building, outre

ach, and marketing activities that will help connect more low-income and ethnically diverse populations to health local food. 

Credit Berkeley Wellness

Today's guests, Dr. Roslynn McCann (Sustainable Communities Extension Specialist and Associate Professor of Environment & Society), LaCee Jimenez (Marketing Coordinator), and Regan Emmons (USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program Coordinator) provide insight on the effects of their program. 

You'll hear from Lael Gilbert, co-host of the regular Utah Public Radio segment Bread and Butter, heard each Sunday at 11am during the Splendid Table.