Digital Folklore Trends Of 2020 On Monday's Access Utah

Jan 11, 2021

Credit Twitter: @kathryniveyy

Today we look at the top Digital Trends of 2020, from the fun to the profound. Each year folklore students at Utah State University track digital trends. They then meet at the end of the year to prepare a ballot that goes out to a national panel of experts in digital folklore, which selects the winning trend. Top results for 2020 include #BreonnaTaylor and #GeorgeFloyd, as well as the meme: “How It Started/How It’s Going/How It Ended,” and gender-reveal, presidential election, and Zoom meetings memes.

Our guests are the co-directors of the USU Digital Folklore Project, USU English professors Jeannie Thomas and Lynne McNeill. We’d love to hear your candidate for top digital trend of the year or maybe just your favorite meme or tweet from 2020. You can reach us on Twitter@upraccess and to