Digital Trends of 2017 With Lynne McNeil and Jeannie Thomas On Wednesday's Access Utah

Jan 10, 2018

Credit Utah State Today

There was a tie atop the 2017 Digital Trend of the Year survey conducted by the USU Digital Folklore Project. The top trends were: #MeToo and the phenomenon of fake government
social media accounts like @AltUSNatParkService. Jeannie Thomas, co-director of
the USU Digital Folklore Project and head of the USU English Department told
the Logan Herald Journal that when they first started the project, She “thought
it’d be memes all the time we’d be naming. One of the things this shows me is
how much people engage with political and social justice issues.” We’ll talk
with Jeannie Thomas and Lynne McNeill, the other co-director of the USU Digital
Folklore Project and USU assistant professor of English, about #TakeAKnee
(second on this year’s list). We’ll also talk about “covfefe” and much more and
we’ll ask you for your selection for top digital trend of the year.