Digital Trends Of 2018 On Thursday's Access Utah

Jan 3, 2019

Text reads, "Digital Folklore Project #DigitalTrendOfTheYear"
Credit USU Digital Folklore Project

It’s the top Digital Trends of 2018, from the fun to the profound, on the next Access Utah. We’ll talk about the “Me Voting in 2016 vs. Me Voting in 2018” and “My Culture is Not Your Prom Dress” memes along with explorations in the digital world of #MeToo and toxic masculinity and, yes, we’ll probably end up talking about cats as well. Our guests are the co-directors of the USU Digital Folklore Project, USU English Department Head Jeannie Thomas and USU Assistant Professor of English Lynne McNeill.

We’d love to hear your candidate for top digital trend of the year or maybe just your favorite meme or tweet from 2018. You can reach us on Twitter @upraccess and to