Discussions Begin Around Improving Traffic Flow On Logan Main Street

Jun 13, 2018

Logan city officials and other stakeholders are discussing ways to improve traffic flow on Logan Main Street.
Credit commons.wikimedia.org

A discussion on the future of Logan city’s main street was facilitated by Utah Department of Transportation representatives on Friday. Meeting attendees included Logan city officials, business owners and other stakeholders.

The meeting focused on improving traffic flow on the Logan Main Street portion of Highway 89. Mayor Holly Daines said the next step is a public input meeting that will be held sometime in the next few months.

“We are just beginning this process,” Daines said. “We look forward to a lot of input from the public because it’s a street we all use frequently and there aren’t any easy solutions and there aren’t any quick solutions. We just need to start planning for how can we maybe manage that better in the future.”

Although implementing one way couplets downtown has been proposed in the past, Daines said UDOT officials suggested considering other options before moving forward.

“They just recommended that we step back and maybe look at the entire corridor and involve again stakeholders from businesses, to citizens, to some municipalities on the north and south end of the valley and really try and look what the corridor involved and what the vision was for that,” Daines said. “You know, addressing the transportation system as a whole.”

“What we’re trying to do through this process is look at US 89 through different lenses,” said Jeff Harris, the planning director of the Utah Department of Transportation.

“Traditionally the transportation industry has kind of gone in with a project that we think is the best and said ‘here you go community. This is what we think is the best and let's move forward with it.’ And I think what we’re trying to do now recognize that there’s a lot of things happening in an area besides just the transportation issues,” Harris said.

Learning what community members value in their transportation system is necessary for a successful solution Harris says, which is why the coming public comment meetings will be important.