Executive Order Allows Retired Government Workers To Return To Work Essential Jobs

Mar 31, 2020

Gov. Gary Herbert issued an executive order lifting limits on retired government workers so they can return to work in essential jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

These “critical” government positions that are “essential to public health and safety” include first responders, and workers in financial services, health care and public health, transportation systems and water and wastewater systems, among others. The order also temporarily suspends certain provisions of the Utah Postretirement Reemployment Restrictions Act. Those restrictions were put in place to prevent “double dipping,” where a public employee collected government retirement while still working in a different government job.

The order from the governor states that as the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Utah, “it is imperative that health care facilities maximize the number of capable health care workers” and state and local government entities “have staffing sufficient to appropriately address the impacts of COVID-19.”


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