Extension Sustainability Summit on Wednesday's Access Utah

Oct 8, 2013

From October 2 to October 3, Park City hosted the Extension Sustainability Summit. The event brought in extension educators on sustainability from all across the nation, to discuss what major environmental sustainability programs are currently being delivered through Cooperative Extension and began talking about future goals.

Credit http://wrdc.usu.edu/htm/programs/ess/

Presenters discussed five thematic areas: land conservation, air quality and climate change, local food and sustainable food systems, water quality and conservation, and renewable and sustainable energy.

Extension professors of a wide variety of universities presented their information and then engaged in discussions with one another on how they could apply that information in their respective work. The end goal was to envision future directions in Cooperative Extension regarding sustainability programmatic outreach.

Joining us today are presenters Gregg Garfin, Gale Buchanan, Iris Mayes, and  Viviane Simon-Brown.

Gregg Garfin

AIR Introduction, Air Quality & Climate Change

Assistant Professor and Assistant Extension Specialist in Climate Science, Policy & Natural Resources - School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Deputy Director for Science Translation & Outreach - Institute of the Environment

University of Arizona

New Southwest Climate book: http://www.islandpress.org/nca

SNRE Web: http://www.snre.arizona.edu/people/garfin

IE Web: http://environment.arizona.edu/gregg-garfin

http://www.environment.arizona.edu/gregg-garfin http://geography.arizona.edu/gmgarfin

Gale A. Buchanan

Solutions from the Land Initiative

Former USDA Chief Scientist and Undersecretary for

Research, Education, and Economics.

Dean and Director Emeritus,

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences,

University of Georgia


Iris Mayes

University of Idaho

One Sky One Earth Food Coalition: The Power of Community Action


Viviane Simon-Brown

The Sustainability Revolution

Oregon State University

http://www.cof.orst.edu/100faces/bios/simon-brown.php http://fes.forestry.oregonstate.edu/faculty/simon-brown-viviane