An Eye-Witness Account Of The Perseid Meteor Shower

Sep 12, 2019

Last month I spoke about the Perseid Meteor Shower that was about to peak on the night of August 11 and the morning of August 12.

Not wanting to miss out on this annual event I prepared by setting my reclining chair outside in the backyard facing the northeastern sky. Also I set my alarm to wake me at 4:00 am when the moon would be setting so that I could observe the meteor shower in a dark sky.

When the alarm sounded on Tuesday morning I got up and looked outside my window and noticed that the moon was about to set over the Wellsville mountains. I got dressed and went outside, sat down on the reclining chair, and covered myself with a blanket.

Would I see any meteors I thought to myself while looking overhead toward the constellation Perseus?

I wasn't disappointed and didn't have to wait long before a short bright meteor appeared. Again I saw another meteor coming from the same area of the sky but moving in a different direction. In total I observed 38 meteors. Each had a different brightness and length. About 5:20 a.m., the dawn was starting to interfere with the dark sky so I decided to go inside.

To see these meteors carve their paths across the night sky and to be an eyewitness of these celestial fireworks was an inspiring experience.