Facebook Helps Dallas Officials Solve 1996 Case

Sep 7, 2018

Police line.
Credit psychologybenefits.org

Authorities say the brother-in-law of a Dallas woman found raped and slain in 1996 as her infant daughter slept nearby has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for the killing.

That 40-year-old Victor Serrano pleaded guilty to murder Thursday in the death of Manuela Dominguez after DNA from the body connected him to the crime scene.

Investigators had initially suspected Serrano but believed he fled to Mexico.

The victim's now-grown daughter, Daisy Serrano-Dominguez, used Facebook to locate relatives in an effort to move the case forward.

Dallas Police Detective Noe Camacho also turned to the social media site in 2016 to track down the Serrano family. He located a known alias of Serrano. Serrano was arrested last year in Utah.