Fire And Smoke Damages Logan Home Decorating Store

Nov 29, 2017

The cause of an early morning fire at a Logan home decorating store is being investigated. 

Logan City Police Sergeant Brooks Davis was monitoring the east side of Logan’s Main Street around 5 a.m. Wednesday morning. He noticed a haze in the area of a strip mall along 400 North. He rolled down his window and smelled what seemed to be burning plastic. 

Logan City Police Captain Tyson Budge said the patrolling officer's observations led to a quick response by firefighting crews.

“By just being suspicious of what he saw and what he smelt and realizing this was probably a real fire, because there was nothing really showing outside the buildings,” Budge said. “It was just a haze along the lights of main street that caught his attention and then the smell, he realized it was a real fire.  He was able to light up these buildings and when he couldn’t see into the Tai Pan building because of the smoke in there, he called fire.”

Logan City Fire Chief Brad Hannig said it would be later this week before a cause of the blaze is determined. He believes there has been fire damage to the exterior of the home store, but that smoke and water damage is more extensive.

“Well, the heavy involvement was in the Bravo-Charlie corner, which is the far southeast corner of the building, but like I said we have no idea what started the fire. We will get that determined later.”

The fire was contained to the outside of the building. Businesses adjacent to Tai Pan Trading, including Old Grist Mill and FedEx, opened for business as planned Wednesday. The former Hastings building in the strip mall style structure is vacant.