Gardening In September

Sep 11, 2018

Hi! This is Dan Drost, Utah State University Extension Vegetable specialist talking to you this fall about gardening and the things that you should do and the things that you have to finish up.

September is that kind of month where we are going to start growing some vegetables again. I like to plant spinach, lettuce, radish and a whole bunch of other leafy greens that mature in a relatively short period of time. You’ll have to take a section of your garden, prep that soil, get a nice seedbed prepared, plant the seeds at the appropriate planting depth, water and then a little bit of fertilizer. In about 30 days you’re going to have a whole bunch of new fresh vegetables for you to consume.

The second thing that you have to think about is getting ready to harvest your squashes and pumpkins and other cucurbit vegetables. These things need to have a very hard rind so take your thumbnail and score the skin. If you can still collect a little bit of flesh under you thumbnail the crop is not quite mature yet. But once that rind is hard you want to take it indoors before a frost event you then put it in your cellar where it’s relatively warm. In other words, the temperature should be above 45 degrees Fahrenheit and then that crop will mature and the rind will set and you’ll have good quality squash throughout the winter months.

If you need more information on how to plant fall veggies or to mature off your squash and pumpkins lots of information available at the Utah State University Extension website.