Gov. Cox Exploring Incentives To Improve Utah’s Vaccination Rate

May 13, 2021

Utah lawmakers passed a bill earlier this year that prohibited government agencies from mandating COVID-19 vaccines, however, it didn’t say the government couldn’t provide incentives for getting a shot. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, that is exactly what Gov. Spencer Cox wants to do. 

In his Thursday coronavirus briefing, Cox said he is exploring ideas similar to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s plan to hold five drawings to give vaccinated residents of his state a chance to win $1 million. Cox said although gambling and lotteries are illegal in Utah, this type of incentive would not fall into that category. 

Cox said their legal team is looking into the idea and that buy-in will be needed from the legislature, but that “no amount of money … is too much to help us get an extra 5% or 10% of people vaccinated when you look at the damage that has happened to our economy, to our nation because of this pandemic.”