Gov. Cox Visits Northern Utah To Discuss Business, Growth

Aug 31, 2021

Utah is a unique place. That is the message Governor Spencer Cox focused on when visiting the Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce on Monday. 

“Utah is a desirable location where people want to live," said Cox. "I when meet people who have moved here from California or other places, I tell them how excited we are to have them and then I just politely ask them to remember why they left and not turn us into where they left.” 

Utah has its quirk he said, and these quirks has helped Utah be successful as it is. The state runs on a community-based system where the government isn’t the only one trying to solve any problems said Cox. With that in mind he said that businesses coming to Utah need to be aware of the environment they are coming into. 

“We have very high expectations for [businesses] that there's an environment that you have a duty to give back to the community," said Cox. "We expect your business to donate to the local Little League team, we expect your business to to support the celebrations and events that go on.”

While Utah is leading the nation in charity and volunteering, Cox said we need to stay conscious about staying up on this. 

“As we grow, this is going to be our challenge as a state as we continue to be the fastest growing state of the nation," he said. "I believe it is possible by the way to grow and add people without losing. But it has to be a thoughtful choice, right?”

One Utah Roadmap is a 500 day plan that Governor Spencer Cox released that outline policy priorities and action items based on his campaign promises. While in Cache Valley he visited local business leaders to hear expansion plans and understand challenges.