Governor Herbert, Utah Legislature Officially Support Another Utah Olympics

Feb 7, 2018

On Wednesday, Governor Gary Herbert signed a resolution in support of holding a future winter Olympics in Utah.


The resolution passed the house and the senate unanimously. Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, who sponsored the bill, told the senate most Utahns also support the idea.

“We did a poll, and it seems high, but we have 89 percent support for this in the public,” he said.

The Utah Olympic Exploratory Committee drafted a 140-page report on why Salt Lake City would make an ideal host city for future winter Olympics. Utah will likely bid to host either the 2026 or 2030 winter Olympics, but for now, the resolution is simply a symbolic way to show Utah’s support for the idea.

“I think everybody had a great experience in 2002,” he said. “We are the center for winter sports in North America and one of the top places in the world, as a result of 2002.”

Niederhauser added that Utah has maintained and updated our Olympic venues, unlike other past Olympic hosts throughout the world. He said we’ll know more about the potential 2026 or 2030 bids by the end of March.