The Guerrilla Girls, Exposing Sexism and Fighting Corruption on Monday's Access Utah

Sep 9, 2013


In the spring of 1985 the Museum of Modern Art held an international exhibition of the year's most significant artists. Out of 169 artists showcased, only 13 were women. Infuriated, a group of women found themselves protesting the museum and created The Guerrilla Girls.

The feminist art group hide their identities under gorilla masks, go by the names of dead women artists, and strive to expose sexism, racism, and corruption within the art world and beyond. Joining the program today is the Guerilla Girls member who uses the name Kathe Kollwitz, and Rachel Middleman, USU Assistant Professor of Art. They will discuss feminist culture, the group's projects and upcoming events in Utah this week, the history of feminist artists and where feminism finds itself today.