How To Prevent Wildlife Attacks: Let Common Sense Overrule Curiosity

Aug 24, 2018

In Utah, we have several wildlife species that have been implicated in attacks on humans, livestock and pets. Negative interaction with large ungulates is becoming more common. Although there are risks associated with the outdoors by following simple rules and applying common sense you can mitigate that risk. 

Should you encounter wildlife distance is your friend. Most of the attacks occur because someone wanted to get that once in a lifetime selfie. If you encounter wildlife stay calm, do not run. If you’ve got children, pets with you, pick them up.

This is the one time where you have full license to be as obnoxious as possible in the outdoors. Puff your chest and shout and stomp your feet. Back away slowly. Again, remember do not run. If a moose, elk or deer happens to be the animal you encounter and they become aggressive and knock you down curl up in a ball protect your head and lay still until the animal moves away.

If attacked by a large predator fight back. If you encounter a rattlesnake stop, listen, locate where the rattle is coming from and back away to allow the animal to escape. Reduce the threat to the animal by your actions. If you encountered aggressive wildlife outdoors alert the Division of Wildlife Resource office closest to you.