Idaho Map Details Public Trust Lands

Jul 14, 2017

A new map from the Idaho Department of Lands shows nearly all of that state's trust lands are open for recreation.

In response to a measure that ultimately failed during the 2017 legislative session, House Concurrent Resolution 20, the department unveiled a map revealing two-point-three million of the two-point-four million acres of trust lands are accessible by foot or water – and in some cases by motorized vehicle. That amounts to nearly 96-percent of the acreage, says Tom Schultz, director of the Idaho Department of Lands.

"During the session and before the session, there was a concern that people maybe didn't have access to state trust lands and that lands were being closed. So, we wanted to assure the public that state trust lands or endowment lands in Idaho are mostly, in fact, open."

About 100-thousand acres are inaccessible, either because they're surrounded by private landowners' property or are unsafe for public use, such as lands reserved for military training.

"We want to make sure the public has good information, so that they know where they are and then, they know they can get access. And if they're having trouble getting access, too, they can let us know and we can see what, if anything, we can do to help facilitate then."