Lawmaker: Drinkers Can Use Guns For Defense Despite DUI Law

Dec 29, 2017

A lawmaker who led Utah's adoption of the strictest DUI threshold in the country says he wants to change the law to allow someone to fire a gun in self-defense even if their blood alcohol level is above the new 0.05 limit.

Republican Rep. Norm Thurston says even if someone's been drinking, they have a right to defend themselves.

Critics argue a person who is too intoxicated to drive can't make a decision about whether they're using their gun in self-defense.

The strict new DUI threshold taking effect in late 2018 has already come under fire hospitality and ski industry representatives who say it could target responsible drinkers after one alcoholic beverage.

It's one of a handful of changes Thurston is considering making to the law when the Legislature meets next month.