Logan Residents Elect Holly Daines For Mayor

Nov 8, 2017

Logan residents have elected Holly Daines to serve as their mayor.  After defeating her opponent Bryan Seamons, Daines said she is ready to transition from her position as chair of the city council to mayor.

“And I have some goals outlined,” Daines said. “I would really like to look at how we can strengthen our core neighborhoods, because I think that's really important to try and keep our downtown strong. If we keep our downtown strong we can attract people back to core neighborhoods.”

Daines plans to base her leadership as mayor on what Logan City is already doing well.

“I’m really ready to go to work,” she said.

Tuesday’s election results indicate Logan City residents are comfortable with current trends according to Daines. She believes tax payer spending priorities outlined by the current administration match the wants and needs of her community.  

Daines will take office as Logan City Mayor on January 2, replacing current mayor Craig Petersen.

Logan residents also elected Amy Anderson and Jess Bradfield to serve on the Logan City Council.

Participation in the 2017 Logan Municipal Elections was the highest in history.  Logan City Recorder Teresa Harris says the 34.4 percent turnout is a result of a vote-by-mail election that she said made it easier for people to vote.