'Memento Mori:' The Art and Inevitability of Death and Mourning on Wednesday's Access Utah

Oct 25, 2017

Credit Utah State University


"Remember that you will die..." 

On today's spooky edition of Access Utah, we talked with some of Utah State University's foremost experts on the history, art and tradition of death. 

A new online exhibit sponsored by the USU's University Libraries "traces the thematic iconographies of death, dying and mourning."

Titled "Memento Mori," Latin for "Remember that you will die," the exhibit shows how symbols of death and the afterlife became dominant in art with the dawn of western Christianity. 

The exhibit invites viewers to explore the darker side of USU's collection "through hallmarks of how we mourn, celebrate, deny and ultimately accept death."

We're inviting listeners to do the same and enjoy this morning's discussion featuring USU folklorist Lynne McNeill, art historian Laura Gelfand and Dylan Burns, who curates the "Memento Mori" exhibit. 

Tour the exhibit online here.

Happy Halloween, UPR listeners!