Millennials: The Age Group Most Unhappy With Trump

Feb 6, 2017


Between Gen X, Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation, why do we hear so much about people aged 18-30? Utah State University political science professor, Michael Lions, says President Trump has low approval ratings compared to past presidents, especially among millennials.


“We’ve never had a president inaugurated with a lower approval rating than Donald Trump and the millennials are pretty unhappy,” Lions said.


He says millennials aren’t informed on some issues like health care, retirement or NATO because it doesn’t directly apply to them at this age. He said they care more about social issues.


“I don’t know that millennials are necessarily in a good position to understand the ramifications of some of the things that Donald Trump is proposing,” Lions said. “Millennials tend to think much more in terms of social issues. You know, they’re not paying substantial taxes yet, they’re not saving for retirement, most of them aren’t very concerned about health care. They just have a different set of issues, is likely to provoke their concern, then is likely to provoke the concern of someone who is older.”


That’s an area that President Trump struggles with among Democrats, of all age groups. President Trump thinks he will unite America despite political party division.


“When America is united, America is totally unstoppable,” President Trump said.


Lion's colleague, Michael Peterson, agrees that a divided country is inevitable under a Trump presidency.


“He will not have strong support among most millennials. And that will be the case during his entire presidency I think,” said Peterson.


“He’s making the division much deeper," Lions said. "He’s digging himself into a very deep hole. Honestly, I think that he’s incapable of it. I think his ego needs are so overwhelming that he’s going to flame out. It’s just a matter of time.”


Although Lions is doubtful President Trump can unite the people, he says he has been unsuccessful with predictions so far.