The Monroe Mountain Project: A Public Lands Cooperation Success Story On Wednesday's Access Utah

May 6, 2020

Credit Grand Canyon Trust

This time on Access Utah, a public lands cooperation success story. A while back, the aspen on Monroe mountain in Central Utah were in serious need of restoration. The situation could easily have descended into a blame game with wildlife advocates saying that livestock were eating all of the young aspen and grazing advocates saying that wildlife were eating all of the young aspen. Instead all sides launched an innovative project: the Monroe Mountain Working Group. Individuals and groups that in other circumstances might have been fighting came together to solve the problem. 

We’ll talk with members of the Monroe Mountain Working Group: Fishlake National Forest Richfield District Ranger Jason Kling; Mary O’Brien, Utah Forests Program Director with the Grand Canyon Trust; and Tom Tippetts, Central Region Coordinator for the Utah Agriculture and Food Department's Grazing Improvement Program.