More Electric Vehicle Chargers Coming To Utah Roads

Sep 30, 2021

Car charging cable
Credit The Herald Journal

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common in Utah, especially around Salt Lake City. However, Utah has very few electric chargers, which causes owners of these vehicles anxiety about running out of energy in the middle of driving. Adding chargers across Utah will help alleviate this common anxiety among electric vehicle owners.

Rocky Mountain Power recently filed its Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan with the Utah Public Service Commission and it includes a $50 million investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the state.


Director of Innovation and Sustainability for Rocky Mountain Power James Campbell says surveys show that one of the biggest barriers to adopting electric vehicles is the lack of infrastructure to support them. He says the goal is to provide fast chargers across the state so drivers feel confident they can go anywhere they need to go.


Rocky Mountain Power plans to install 100 of their extreme fast chargers across 20-25 locations in Utah. Most of these new locations will be along the Wasatch front and the rest will be in more rural areas.