Most Spiders In Utah Should Not Cause Concern

Oct 4, 2019

Now that we are into fall, people start to think about Halloween and things that change in terms of nature - and one of these is spiders. So most people aren’t very pleased when they find spiders in their home garden. However, I want to remind you that spiders are actually beneficial predators that feed on many insect species, both pest species as well as non-pest species.

The major spider of medical concern in Utah is the Black Widow. The Brown Recluse does not occur in Utah. It is too cold here. Also, people have heard about a spider called the Hobo Spider. This spider has not really been shown through research to deliver bites that cause necrosis of skin and major concerns.

Any spider bite can swell up and be itchy, and for some people, can have a poor response that is unpleasant. Go to your doctor, get some help with antibiotics and treatment of the site and it should heal up fine in most cases.

I want to mention a few of the most common spiders here in Utah. This time of year you can start to see the garden or orb web weaving spiders. This spider is in the group argiope and they are very beautiful spiders. They tend to have lovely colors and stripes and patterns and they spin large orb webs in your garden for catching flies or other insects flying through.

Another common spider that you might find in your garage or shed is the wolf spider. This is a very large spider that looks quite menacing almost like a tarantula and can be large in size. But it’s actually just a very mild predator - eats things that it can find in your garage but it’s not a pest.

So enjoy the fall season and enjoy the spiders you find.