Music At Cache Valley's SummerFest Reflects Various Music Backgrounds

Jun 16, 2017



Band setting up to play at SummerFest.
Credit Alyssa Robinson

 Cache Valley’s largest summer festival, SummerFest, started Thursday. The festival includes 134 artists and 38 performers. This year’s festival features musicians, dancers and poets.

At SummerFest there is a wide range of music styles. For example, Danger 5 has a jazzy and soulful sound.


Participants can also hear bluegrass music from the band Cold Creek.


Another band playing at SummerFest is Lost and Found. Skyler Beck, who is part of the band, said that like the festival, their sound reflects inspiration from music of varying styles and regions.


“My brother and I grew up playing bluegrass and folk music," Beck said. "Mikkia and Jed come from Europe. Mikkia was raised in Germany a lot and Jed grew up in England. We just kind of bring this different sound together because we all come from different backgrounds and bring what we know from each one.”


Beck says songwriting for the group comes spontaneously.


“I really love just writing about what I’m experiencing in a moment- kind of just like a memory," Beck said.


Along with Lost and Found, Cold Creek and other bands festival goers will hear poetry readings from Star Coulbrooke and there will be Scottish dancing.