New PAC Is Aimed To Help Tech Companies

Aug 9, 2021

The tech industry has seen great growth over the last 20 years and in order to continue that growth momentum, a Political Action Committee has been formed to work with the state legislature. 

Slopes PAC is a nonpartisan political action committee that represents tech companies in Utah. The PAC focuses on growth and innovation, current and future workforce and social and economic mobility. 

Sunny Washington, CEO of Slopes PAC, said  by focusing on these areas, the community can flourish. 

“How do we manage the growth and bring the rest of the community along with us? I think we've seen some good examples, or I'd say maybe terrible examples of areas of the world where that hasn't happened. And they experience some of the worst social issues, even though that tech is booming,” said Washington. 

Washington has seen first-hand the scope of tech companies can be overlooked. She said it’s their goal to make sure they are well represented. 

“We also want our tech community to be involved in local politics," said Washington. "I think sometimes we get enamored by what's happening nationally and not realizing that, our local representatives and state senators have a lot of say in the way our laws in Utah that affect us every day.”

The PAC’s first focus is to get companies and donors on board before establishing criteria for candidate endorsement.