Nine children center of FLDS custody suit

Jan 17, 2012

A court-appointed attorney will represent the interests of nine children who are at the heart of a custody battle between an exiled former polygamist, and his three former wives.

Lorin Holm was kicked out of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by church leader Warren Jeffs.  His three wives were then assigned to other men.  

Holm says he fears his seven daughters, all minors, could be given in marriage before they reach the legal age if they remain part of the FLDS community.Holm also worries his two sons may be used as under-aged laborers.Because of the strict control that church leaders have, church president Warren Jeffs, and his brother Lyle Jeffs, the church’s bishop, have been named as co-defendants in the suit. Judge James Shumate of the fifth district court has approved the appointment of a separate attorney to represent the interests of the children.