Northern Utah Lawmaker Will Not Seek Re-election

Dec 13, 2017

January’s Utah legislative session will be the last for one northern Utah lawmaker. Republican Representative Ed Redd of Logan has announced he will not be seeking a fourth term.

Redd began serving in the Utah House of Representatives in 2013 and represents the fourth district. He is a member of the Health Reform Task Force and of the House Health and Human Services Committee. His assignments as a lawmaker also include serving on the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee.

Noting health reasons, Redd says he is announcing his intentions prior to the end of his term to give interested people time to consider running for the office. The Utah election cycle begins next month. Redd has been diagnosis with a medical condition referred to as “smoldering myeloma”. He worries intensive medical treatment would have an impact on his ability to serve beyond November.

In a letter, Redd says he believes in a system that gives Utah residents an opportunity to serve part-time as a lawmaker.  He encourages members of his community to consider running for the office as a way of sharing their professional and personal perspectives.