'One Of Those Cool Streets In America:' Changes Coming To Downtown Logan

Aug 23, 2019

Beneath the marquee of the Utah Theatre and the façade of the Caine Lyric Theatre, construction workers have completely torn up the surface of Center Street in Logan between Main Street and 100 West. According to Gary Saxton, director of the Logan Downtown Alliance, it all started with a vision for an improved downtown.  

“It’s a piece of the puzzle for an ever-improving downtown," Saxton said. "We can’t just leave downtown the way that it is and expect it to stay relevant and stay in good shape. It needs to be improved. This is a piece of the puzzle in drawing more people downtown.”

Saxton said that the project was designed with that goal of luring people downtown in mind.

“It’s a whole renovation of that block and a cool new design that’ll be pedestrian friendly, a space we can use for community events," he said. "It’ll have wider sidewalks, more furnishings, places to sit, places to eat, places to gather. We need a cool street in downtown.” 

Saxton said the project is being paid for by both the city of Logan and the businesses on the block. One of the most exciting additions, he said, is pink flare cherry trees. 

“They’re just a gorgeous tree," Saxton said. "That street will have a unique look and feel to it in the spring and early summer with those cherry blossoms. It’ll just be one of those cool streets in America that people will want to go to, hang out, and be with friends and family, and create a memory.” 

Saxton said the street is scheduled to be completed and opened by mid-November.