Outdoor Clothing Company Patagonia Boycotts Outdoor Retailer Shows In Utah

Feb 7, 2017

Salt Lake City has hosted the Outdoor Retailer Show for the past 20 years. However, on Tuesday a major outdoor retailer announced they wouldn’t return to the show as long as it is held in Utah.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Outdoor clothing company Patagonia says it is boycotting Outdoor Retailer shows held in Utah. The decision comes in response to a resolution signed on Friday by Governor Gary Herbert calling on President Donald Trump to repeal the newly named Bears Ears National Monument.


Corley Kenna, global director of communications at Patagonia, says the company asked for the governor’s support at the Outdoor Retailer Show in January.

“If Governor Herbert didn’t stand up and support us, public lands and Bears Ears, we would not participate in the show going forward,” Kenna said. “We were just keeping our end of the promise.”

The company’s announcement comes a day after Outdoor Retailer officials decided to look for other cities outside of Utah to host shows.

“We’ll continue to participate in the other shows not held in Utah,” Kenna said. “Of course if the governor decides to change his position on this, and advocate for public lands we’d be glad to continue our participation in the show there.”

Utah is home to 54 million acres of public land, five national parks and 43 state parks. The Outdoor Retailer Show brings in $40 million dollars twice a year to Utah’s economy.

“It’s public lands that allow our industry to exist. It’s an industry that brings a lot of jobs, tourism, revenue to the state. But without public lands, our industry won’t exist at all,” Kenna said.