Parents Sue Park City School District Over COVID-19 Test Requirements

Mar 12, 2021

The Park City School District is requiring it’s students to get rapid antigen testing for COVID-19 in order to learn in person, and some parents are taking action against it.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, parents are suing the school district over its “Test to Stay” policy, which requires students to get tested every two weeks in order to stay in class. The lawsuit claims that an order from the Utah Department of Health allowing schools to “implement mandatory COVID-19 testing as a condition of in-person learning is an unconstitutional invasion of rights”


According to a document explaining the policy on the school district’s website, the “Test to Stay” policy is triggered when the school hits a 15-case threshold. At that point, school officials decide whether to move classes online for 10 days or offer testing for students. Those who choose to opt-out of testing “should move to virtual or remote learning” for 10 days.