'The People' With Carol and Cevin Ormond On Wednesday's Access Utah

May 8, 2019

Credit True West Magazine

An ignored people who, despite all odds, were instrumental in the success of John Wesley Powell's Expeditions. Immortalized in the only existing collection outside the Smithsonian of John Hillers' 116 original 1872 albumen photographs. Now the photos are preserved and this people's incredible story of surviving and thriving in the most inhospitable place in North America can be told.

Carol’s first book, The People, combines her lifelong study of photography with her background in journalism. She graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Oregon where she studied photojournalism under Bernard Freemesser. Her interest in the black and white photographs of Dorothea Lange, Maynard Dixon’s second wife, brought her to the Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts and collaboration with Paul and Susan Bingham on this project that celebrates the contribution of the Southern Paiute tribes to the success of John Wesley Powell’s expeditions. As a “flat lander” from Wisconsin, Carol is captivated by the dramatic skies and landscapes of the desert Southwest and loves hiking, exploring and photographing the region whenever she and her husband, Cevin, can.