Politics Of A Mask: Locals Divided On Mask Mandate, Community Vs. Individual Rights

Aug 13, 2020

Two people in this photo are seen wearing masks as the crowd stands for the National Anthem at the Cache County Rodeo on Thursday night. Though growing evidence shows masks to be effective in slowing the spread of COVID-19, they’ve become a politicized issue in the U.S.
Credit Eli Lucero/Herald Journal

On Aug. 18, the Logan Municipal Council will vote on whether or not to extend the citywide mask mandate until Dec. 31, but tensions on the mandate may be near a boiling point.

What most consider a precaution against spreading the novel coronavirus has become a new political battlefield: individual vs. community rights, with a trench between the two.


They’ve also become flags for each person’s beliefs. There are presidential campaign masks. A fundraiser for the Cache County Democrats where a $10 donation earns the donor a “Vote. Think.” mask. A man at the liquor store was spotted with a “STD 2020: Stop the Donald” sticker stapled to his mask. And most drastically: the refusal to don any kind of face covering. Read the rest at HJnews.com.


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