Private Landowner Selling Land Around Zion's Narrow

Sep 26, 2018

Zion National Park visitors are no longer allowed to experience a popular, 16-mile (26-kilometer), one-way hike through the Virgin River Narrows.

Park officials began discontinuing permits for the hike Tuesday after a private landowner posted "no trespassing" signs in the popular canyon.

The signs, which rangers first saw over the weekend, invite buyers to purchase over 1-mile of the Zion Narrow. It advertises 1 square mile (3 sq. kilometer) with water resort potential.

Zion National Park used to allow up to 90 hikers to enter the Narrows from the north per day.

Cindy Purcell with the national park says they had permits reserved through early November and are trying let visitors know they will no longer be able to do the hike.