Rain or Shine, Logan Schools Are Still Offering Pick- Up Lunches

Mar 18, 2020

On Wednesday, the Logan School district began their school lunch pick-up program to provide children food during school closures.

Adams Elementary school is one of the many schools in the state offering grab and go lunches for students in the community. Through the end of next week, K-12 students can show up and pick up a lunch.

Marisa Oviatt, an instructional coach at Adam Elementary School, helped plan this service with other members of the Adams Elementary School staff.

“I met with the principal and the Secretary and we went outside and kind of looked at the traffic flow and see to see what would be best for people pulling up driving through getting handed things without them having to get out of their cars, or us having to interact too much with other people,” said Oviatt.

In order to make this run as smoothly as possible, Angela Wiser and other teachers at Adams looked at what other schools have been doing to ensure the safety of everyone. On one side of the building, people were lining up in their cars and on another, people were lining up in hula hoops that were placed on the ground 6 feet apart.

According to Wiser, “one of our teachers here, Ilana, and happened to see a news report about a school that was using hula hoops to do social distancing. So This morning, we found some hula hoops and set them out on the yard to make sure that everyone had an appropriate social distance and kind of help with that visual cue. Our primary concern here is the health of our students and, you know, making sure everybody gets fed.”

There were teachers guiding traffic, guiding the walkers, handing out lunches, and making sure no child was left behind. According to Oviatt, everyone was a volunteer.

“We sent out around a signup sheet and it was completely full with overflowing actually, with teachers, instructional assistant, just wanting to make a difference and help feed kids,” said Oviatt.

More information on registering for this lunch service in Logan can be found on loganschools.com.

For Cache County information, go to www.ccsdut.org/grabandgo.