Revisiting Triaging Resilience In The Midst Of Crisis With Em Capito On Monday's Access Utah

Mar 29, 2021

Clinical therapist Em Capito spoke with us in October, ahead of her presentation at the Fall speaker series from the Utah Women’s Giving Circle.Titled “Triaging Resilience in the Midst of Crisis,” Em Capito shared “a research-based tangible framework for triaging our personal resilience along with the strategic shifts that deepen our roots, for ourselves, our families and our teams, toward the collective resilience that will lead our communities into the reinvention and renewal ahead.” We spoke with her about her personal history and why she defines resilience as a skill, rather than a trait. 

Em Capito is a psychotherapist specializing in resilience, translating more than a decade of research into tangible resilience strategies. She holds master’s degrees in social work and business administration, and recently shared some of her work from the TEDxSaltLakeCity stage. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, yoga teacher, and meditation teacher with a private practice in Salt Lake City and Park City.