Salt Lake Family Donates Historic Home To Westminster College

Jul 10, 2018

Dale and Sheri Holt recently donated their home to Westminster College. The historic building will be used to host gatherings and to house future university presidents.

The home is located in the Historic Gilmer Park neighborhood in Salt Lake City, a short walk from the campus of Westminster College.

“The prior owners who did in fact donate it to us have really done their homework and their research on the history of this home. And so as a result we now have the story of our community that can be traced through the story of this house,” said Annalisa Holcombe, the vice president for advancement and chief advancement officer at Westminster.

The home was built in 1926. The original owner was a local restaurateur who was very interested in local and national politics. He invited many governors of western states for dinner.

Franklin Roosevelt even visited the home twice.

After purchasing the home, Dale Holt also obtained many of the original furnishings, including the dining room table.

“It’s so much fun for us as we looked at the furnishings that he was able to track down, the artwork that is in the house,” Holcombe said. “Even the ceiling within the home has been painstakingly redone to the original and it is full of hand crafted artwork.”

Because the table is original, Holcombe said it is possible that is where Roosevelt ate dinner when he visited, and will make great conversation starter for the dinners and events the university president will host in the home in the future.