Semi-Truck Loses Control In Bear Lake Area Tuesday

Mar 5, 2020

It happened again,  Law enforcement and emergency crews were called to Bear Lake Square early Tuesday morning, responding to reports that a semi-truck lost control and ran through an intersection, the same intersection that has been the location for other accidents, including one where the driver died.  


The semi truck driver was traveling east out of Logan Canyon according to Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Cade Brenchley  who says the driver failed to slow down in time to stop at the intersection. 

In addition to Tuesday's accident, a dump truck crashed into a storage complex near the intersection of US-89 and SR-30 in Garden City in August, just days after a semi crashed into storage sheds in Garden City. 

Emergency signs warning drivers of steep grades into the Bear Lake area have been installed by the Utah Department of Transportation which is considering a runaway truck ramp to improve safety at the intersection.

No one was hurt in Tuesday's incident.