Several Ways To Stop Slithering Snakes

Aug 8, 2018

With the drier and hotter start to the summer, more snakes are their prey into areas that are irrigated, that also provide good cover, green groceries and available prey sources.   This describes many people’s yards.  Not that you would want to get close enough to tell but venomous snakes typically have pupils of the eye that resembles a cat. 

Non-venomous snakes usually have round pupils.  Most of the snakes' folks will encounter in their yards in Utah this summer are either a water or garter snake or also the gopher snake.  If you encounter a snake in or around your home, keep calm and follow these tips: 

  • To prevent encounters or to reduce the encounters of snakes in your yard, mow your grass often and keep it fairly short. 
  • Avoid over-watering your lawn.  Too much landscape water may attract prey species such as worms, slugs, and frogs which in turn attract snakes seeking a quick meal. 
  • Keep your shrubs and trees trimmed away from your home and garage and keep the branches off the ground. 
  • Feed your pets inside.  Feeding them outside can attract insects and rodents which again attract snakes. 
  • Store your firewood, excess lumber, and other debris away from your home. 
  • Do not use snake repellants or Sulphur; they are ineffective.  Don’t use mothballs.  Both of these are toxic to insects and animals. 

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