'Shaped By Snow' And The Threat Of Climate Change With Ayja Bounous On Thursday's Access Utah

Nov 14, 2019

Source Amazon.com

Skier and debut author Ayja Bounous explores threats to the winters and watershed in the face of climate change and the far–reaching impacts of a diminishing snowpack on the American West—not only from ecological and economic perspectives, but also in regard to emotional and psychological health, as she realizes how deeply her personal relationships are tied to the snow–covered mountains of Utah's Wasatch range.

"In this affecting environmental meditation, debut author and activist Bounous muses on the threat climate change poses to the winter season, placing an issue with planet-wide ramifications into a personal context…readers interested in an intimate take on climate change will find a thoughtful book that effectively makes the global personal."

“A love letter and an elegy to a time when innocence could exist before the era of climate change…written with a muscularity of experience by a woman whose character was formed on the ski slopes in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. Ayja Bounous is an emerging writer of conscience. She has a beautiful voice on the page and in place, this place ‘shaped by snow.’”
TERRY TEMPEST WILLIAMS, author of The Hour of Land"Musings on powder, skiing, and the future of the Greatest Snow on Earth from a member of one of the Wasatch Range's royal families that is sure to appeal to Utah skiers."
JIM STEENBURGH, author of Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth