Social Media Campaign #MarchOnHappiness Focuses On Mental Health Awareness

Mar 16, 2018

Credit 801Rocks

Mental health can be difficult to discuss, which is why McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden wanted a more approachable way to address the topic. 

So, they turned to social media and partnered with 801Rocks, a Utah-based group that encourages people to hide painted rocks for others to find, similar geocaching.

“There’s a lot of mental health issues in the Ogden area and I just kind of wanted to raise awareness about it and bring happiness to people through messages and through the rock group,” said Connor Harrison, communication specialist at McKay-Dee Hospital.

The #MarchOnHappiness campaign has included the creation of rock gardens at hospitals in the state for patients to enjoy. Pictures of the rocks are posted on social media, where you can also find quotes and mental health resources.

Harrison said this is his favorite quote that has been shared so far:

“Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people.”

Other posts have included articles about preventing teen suicide, adding more joy to your life, and the benefits of a positive attitude.

“What we hear on the news and what we see on social media can really influence how we feel that day,” Harrison said. “I think there's a lot of news stories that are negative or you see what other people are doing on social media and you feel like your life isn’t as fun or it’s not as pretty as what you see other people doing and so sharing messages like this on social specifically helps remind people to be grounded and to do things for themselves and not for others.”

Harrison is pleased with the response the posts have received. The post engagement on social media is high, and the posts have generated conversations with caregivers at the hospital.

Harrison also said Intermountain Healthcare is working on ways to continue the mental health conversation on social media beyond the campaign and throughout the rest of the year.