Survey To Look At How COVID-19 Is Impacting Women In Utah

Jan 16, 2021


Women in the work place

To better understand how Utah women have been impacted by the pandemic, Susan Madsen, director of the Utah Women and Leadership Project at Utah State University is leading a comprehensive study.

“We really wanted to do an in depth study on this phenomenon in the state of Utah, so we can really understand what women are facing," Madsen said. “Even some of the benefits that maybe some women have had from work, but more than anything, some of the challenges in terms of, of health and anxiety from being laid off or fired, childcare issues, homeschooling holidays, the impact of those kinds of things that are happening really on themselves and their families and, and in the community as well.


Susan Madsen, who leads the Women and Leader Project at USU, said national research shows women have taken the brunt of the consequences of the pandemic in many ways. The survey she and her team are conducting will help provide more insight on how Utah women are being affected by COVID. 


According to Madsen, both quantitative and qualitative data will be collected so the study can be more comprehensive. By working with various non-profits, government agencies and institutions of higher education, Madsen said they are hoping for a diverse sample. 

“So between the two elements of check-the-box kind of questions, but also tell us your story and some of the struggles you've had, and also any benefits that you've seen in your career,” Madsen said. "I think we'll be able to go much deeper than any study that I've seen in the United States thus far.”

The Utah Women and Leadership Project will publish briefs on their finds to help inform public policy and workplace decisions.

 The survey can be accessed here.