Suspect Locks Himself In Apartment Near Elementary School

Apr 30, 2018

Logan City Police called a SWAT crew to assist Monday following a pursuit near a downtown elementary school.

Doors were locked at Logan City’s Adams Elementary for more than an hour Monday. Logan City Police called for a lock-out at the school after a man they were pursuing entered a home on 450 North and 400 East just a few hundred yards from school grounds.

“We called them and ask them to simply lockout,” said Logan City Police Chief Gary Jensen.  “So if we had a runner they would not be able to run to the school. School goes on as normal, but nobody would just be able to walk in.”

Before the lock-out was issued dispatch received an emergency call around 11:15 a.m. A dispute was underway in Logan. By the time officers arrived a male on a motorcycle had left the scene. Another officer tried to pull over the man, 36-year-old Brady Young of Logan, for a traffic violation.  That is when Young jumped from his motorcycle, entered the house and barricaded himself inside. Logan City Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics, or SWAT team was deployed to assist.

“It’s not his home," Jensen said. "We don’t know who is in the home, he is actively resisting by trying to flee the police. So what’s now going on inside the home? Just one of those deals when you do a deploy and you are prepared for whatever scenario then is given.” 

Young surrendered after officers were issued a search warrant allowing them to enter the home.

Jensen says what could have been a simple traffic violation is likely to result in felony charges for Young because he evaded police.