A TikTok User Claims She Picked Up Brian Laundrie At Grand Teton National Park

Sep 18, 2021

Miranda Baker, a TikTok user, has claimed in a series of videos to have picked up Brian Laundrie, boyfriend of missing woman Gabby Petito, while he was hiking in Grand Teton National Park.


Laundrie and Petito were on a cross country road trip when he returned home without her. Baker claimed that Laundrie offered her and her boyfriend $200 for a ride on August 29th while he was hiking alone. Baker stated that Laundrie was calm and polite during the ride, and told them he had been camping for several days. But both Baker and her boyfriend said he looked unprepared for a camping trip that long.


Baker said that she and her boyfriend had been in communication with police before she released the videos. The search for Petito continues and is focused in the Grand Teton area.