Trauma And Resiliency: Recovering After Lizzy Shelley's Passing

Jun 7, 2019

This week five-year-old Elizabeth Shelley was laid to rest in the Logan City Cemetery. On May 25th, she was reported missing from her house in Logan and a 5-day search followed. 

Her body was found in a heavily wooded area in Logan and her uncle, Alex Whipple, was arrested for the murder of Lizzy among other felony charges.

The community of Cache Valley honored Lizzy by decorating roadways with rainbow-colored bows – rainbow being her favorite color. This tragedy has affected so many people and UPR’s Dani Hayes sat down and talked with some activists and experts. USU professor of social work Vonda Jump and executive director of the Family Place Esterlee Molyneux discuss how those affected by trauma can become resilient.