Undisciplined: National Security Now

Jan 14, 2021

Credit Daniel Mennerich, creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/

The last time the United States Capitol was breached was in 1814, when British troops burned the building using furniture and books from the Library of Congress as fuel. Last week, the capitol was breached again – and that’s raising a lot of questions about the state of our nation. We’re going to work through some of those questions with former CIA analyst Jeannie Johnson.

Jeannie Johnson is the director of Utah State University’s Center for Anticipatory Intelligence, an interdisciplinary research hub fusing expertise in national security and geopolitics with cyber threats, data analytics and emergent technology.

She is a former analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency’s Director of Intelligence, and the cultural topography analytic metric she helped pioneer has been used by the CIA to better understand the nature of threats and opportunities.