UnDisciplined: Science News Roundup - July 2019

Aug 2, 2019

There's no way we could let this month pass us by without talking about the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest scientific achievements of all time: the moon landing. But don't worry, we won't get stuck in the past. 

We're also going to talk about much more recent scientific topics, like how this month's record-breaking heat portends climates to come, and why the cure to cancer might be a common cold. 

Joining us in studio, for the second time on our monthly news roundup, is Julie Kiefer. She's a biochemist who spent several years in a research lab before turning her attention to helping people bridge the gap between scientific discovery and public understanding. She is now the manager of science communication at the University of Utah. 

Also joining us, on the line from Utah State University, is Mirella Meyer-Ficca. She studies reproductive biology, toxicology, environmental exposures and epigenetic influence. This is her third appearance on UnDisciplined, and second appearance on our monthly news roundup. 

And finally, joining us from Washington State University in Pullman is Andrew Gillreath-Brown. He last joined us in May to talk about how he had a hand in discovering a 2,000-year-old tattooing needle. Listeners interested in learning about his work should listen to our interview, of course, but can also find his story in the pages of this month's National Geographic History magazine.