University Music Department Participates In Catholic Church Celebration

Oct 19, 2016

Credit Utah State University

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish recently marked the beginning of a year-long celebration for its 75th anniversary in Cache Valley. The church building has been used to bring the congregation and community together through music.  

The parish held its first mass December 1941 in a building that still stands in downtown Logan on 45 East 500 North. The location of the parish changed over the years and at one time was located on the campus of Utah State University. Then in 2006 the parishioners relocated to a new facility in North Logan.

Dr. Cory Evans is director of the USU Chamber Singers and recognized St. Thomas as a place for worship through not only word, but music.

“Anyone who’s ever been to Europe," Evans said. "One of the great things choirs love more than anything is to sing in these beautiful acoustic spaces in the cathedrals in Europe and others are what come to mind. They also have a really great organ. It just sounds fantastic in there. A very warm sound, it’s not too live. Everyone that goes there just loves the spirit of the building. Music really thrives in that place.”

The relationship between USU’s music department and the parish has been ongoing and features live performances in a space Evan’s says works well for live recordings.  

“They’ve been a huge part of our community for a long time," Evans said. "I know Sergio Bernal our orchestra director felt that it would be important that we have a musical celebration as part of this 75th anniversary celebration. We were fortunate that he asked the chamber singers to come sing. We’re excited to collaborate with the orchestra and help out with the celebration.” 

Evans will conduct the combined USU choral ensemble and Low Brass Choir during the Winter Songs concert in December as part of ongoing celebrations marking the diamond anniversary of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish in Logan.